The Art of Media and Marketing has created 65 years of the Beaux Art Festival

Beaux Art Festival of the Lowe Art Museum

Where: the University of Miami in Coral Gables

When: 1/18/20 – 1/19/20


   Join us Linking Events with Mercedes Benz at the 69th Annual Beaux Arts Festival of Art visit to view and purchase original artwork from approximately 220 exhibitors. Attendees will get to experience a variety of art Ceramics, Glass, Graphics & Drawing, Jewelry, Oil & Acrylics, Photography, Watercolor, Wood, and Three Dimensional Sculptures. It is the perfect weekend outing! enjoy the assortment of food, music, activities, and of course fine art. Also, Did we mention its FREE to attend!


What the festival has to offer artists

Having so many years this festival has the capabilities to reach out to the entire South Florida community. Not just the locals but the connections to contact those with cultural interest to purchase fine art. Over $20,000 is rewarded to artists among ten different categories as well as the winners of the Student Artist Showcase that features students all over Miami-Dade County. 


  Media networks involvement:        

To have a successful event the Beaux Arts Festival heavily believes in the need for advertising and promotion including broadcast television, print, radio, and social media partnerships. As well as taking an extra step in creating street banners, posters, and postcards that will surround and be given out throughout the community. Even with 65 plus years of recognition, this festival understands the needs of being involved and reaching out to its local community. Some of Its advertising and promotion includes broadcast television, print, radio, and from Miami Herald, the Community Newspapers network, local CBS TV Channel 10, local Public Radio station WLRN, Indulge Magazine, Munchkin Fun parenting calendar & website.


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The Art of Media and Marketing has created 65 years of the Beaux Art Festival

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