College Marketing: A Fun Way To Campaign

TALLAHASSEE, FL — As a college marketing tool for a jewelry line, Lourdes of Florida State University, a Linking Promotions brand ambassador and product specialist, hosted weekly parties and contests on her college campus. The overall goal of the campaign was to get people  excited and aware of the brand by introducing the line to as many people on campus as possible.
One part of the college advertising campaign: once a week for three weeks Lourdes was instructed to host a first-look party for 25 girls to get a sneak peek of the jewelry. There, she would talk to the party-goers about the brand. Also, photo shoots were held on campus once a week and another 25+ girls that embodied the style of the brand would take pictures to be entered into a contest. As social media is constantly growing and is also a huge asset to most companies, Lourdes made daily Facebook and Twitter posts to help advertise the brand.

“I really enjoyed pushing the brand,” Lourdes recalled. “I thought it was a lot of fun to be a part of this brand. I was able to see a lot of jewelry I liked and share it with my friends and sorority sisters.”

College Marketing: A Fun Way To Campaign

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