Grand Opening of Ed Voyles KIA of Chamblee

June 23, 2015 the Linking team led a Grand Opening celebration on behalf of the ED Voyles Automotive Group in Chamblee, GA. Efforts for this event were multiplied tenfold in order to cater to the VIP crowd at attendance. In celebration for the Grand Opening Linking created a memorable experience to honor the achievements of the Ed Voyles Automotive Group on opening their second and most fabulous state-of-the-art KIA dealership. The team created an experience for VIP guests that included a handpicked entertainer and catering to execute a delicious menu. As a full service marketing agency, Linking Events is honored to have seen this event through from start to finish.








VIP Guests list included:

President and CEO

Jan Won Sohn

Chief Operating Office and Executive Vice President

Michael Sprague

Vice President, Product Planning

Orth Hendrick

Vice President, Eastern Sales Operations

Percy Vaughn


And of course Valery Voyles, featured below.

DSC_0045 DSC_0087

Grand Opening of Ed Voyles KIA of Chamblee

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