How The Dealer Marketing Group is ready for the Future of Automobiles

The Future of Automobiles Is Here!

Electric cars are the future of automobiles! It is predicted that 20 years from now, more than half of new cars sold will be electric. This will alleviate the United States’ demand for oil solving many social and economic problems. EVs can also help to create cleaner public air and reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change.

Why people are hesitant for the switch?

Consumers concerns with Evs are they need to go further on a single charge and they will need to charge faster. Currently, electric cars average about 200 miles on a charge which surpasses the amount most people drive in a day. People are just used to getting a lot more miles in with gasoline. Another factor is electric cars are not the most affordable cars in the market but in the long run, they actually save you a lot of money.

A look into the advancements to come 

In about 10 years, electric cars will start to average around 300 miles on a single charge, which should make consumers feel more comfortable. Also, as the price and efficiency of the batteries drop so will the prices of electric cars. The decrease will make EVs competitive with combustion-engine cars by 2022.


A little bit about us: DMG

The dealer marketing group a division in linkings Events is a team of dedicated automotive dealer marketing specialists at your service. Get involved with your sponsorships and we will handle it from there. Our automotive services encompass full service automotive live marketing events. We are reliable and flexible to match our customers’ desires. 

Some Services We Provide:  

  • Product Specialists
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Set up/ break down
  • Fully trained staff
  • Promotional items
  • Training of automobile models
  • Event coordination
  • Lead Coordination
  • Displays
  •  Activations Video
  • Complete venue design
  • Catering
  • Presenters/Demonstrators
  • Media Trained Talent
  • Multi-Lingual Talent
How The Dealer Marketing Group is ready for the Future of Automobiles

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