How Ultra Music Festival Can Grow Your Brand and Boost local Brand Exposure


Ultra Music Festival is coming back to Bayfront Park this 2020!



  Ultra was founded in 1997 by Executive Producer President and Ceo, Russell Faibisch, he began producing electronic music and in 1999 Ultra Music Festival started in Miami Beach. In the heart of Miami over 165,000 music enthusiasts from all around the world come to experience the biggest and most international electronic festival.  

  Every year expectations are surpassed with prodigious sets filled with the latest technology. There’s a unique and creative vision that goes into each set with complex concert visuals that are unreal. The most iconic DJs, producers, and live acts have stepped on to the UMF stages leaving EDM lovers enthralled. Its deineltly, not your average festival this experience is like no other.

Business Opportunities 

  Ultra has grown rapidly this year it will be in at least twenty-eight countries across six continents and will be in Downtown Miami March 20- 22.  Do you want to know how to be involved in this global event? Easy! email  to explore all the sponsorship opportunities there are available. Some of their current big brand sponsors are Red Bull, Twitch, 7up, and Uber. Your brand could be part of this worldwide event too, alongside these well-established corporations. 

How We Can Help YOUR Company

  The Linking Events team can present our corporate expertise to guide you through your sponsorship and logistics. We can provide anything to meet your marketing needs from the planning to the promotional items and models.  

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How Ultra Music Festival Can Grow Your Brand and Boost local Brand Exposure

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