Linking Staff Takes Over the Sun Life Stadium with GM

Miami, FL – Gearing up for week #5 at Sun Life Stadium, Linking Promotion’s brand ambassadors are excited as ever for another weekend at the Marlin’s games. Linking  Events has been in charge of the staffing for the GM display, providing five promotional specialists working each week to speak to baseball fans about Chevrolet. Linking Promotions and Linking Events began work with this event during the first weekend of April, and will be working with GM at the Florida Marlin’s baseball games until the end of September.

Promotional specialists are asked to have an outgoing personality and a professional look. They are required to drive traffic to the display by being proactive in approaching potential consumers.

GM will be present at Sun Life Stadium for a total of 40 days between April and September. Along with these events, Linking Promotions also worked with GM to present Chevrolet cars at the Cuba Nostalgia event at the Miami-Dade Fair Expo Center near Florida International University. The event was for those who did not get the opportunity to see Cuba as it was, and was meant to bring back memories for those who had. Brand ambassadors for this event were required to be bilingual so they could present the Chevrolet vehicles to those who prefer to speak in Spanish.

Linking Staff Takes Over the Sun Life Stadium with GM

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