Linking Staffs for Upcoming Liquor Promotions

Florida – This upcoming weekend, Linking Promotions is proud to be staffing for three major liquor brands as they hold tastings all throughout Florida. Jose Cuervo, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Johnny Walker will be having promotions in cities such as Miami, Coral Springs, Pensacola, Panama City and Melbourne, along with many other locations. During these promotions, samples of Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Pomegranate, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Margarita and Diageo Johnny Walker Black will be provided.

At a liquor tasting, promotional models provide small samples of the product and socialize with potential customers. Tastings can take place in any number of locations, ranging from liquor retail locations to bars. A huge benefit to tastings such as these is that the models are located at the point of sale, and potential customers can become actual customers within minutes.

Linking Promotions has provided staffing for many liquor brand clients such as UV Vodka, Feckin Irish Whiskey and

Ed Phillips & Sons Prairie Organic Vodka. Tastings such as these prove to be a successful way to meet new customers and are enjoyable for all those working with the event.

Linking Staffs for Upcoming Liquor Promotions

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