Lunchables Hits the Road with Staffing from Linking Promotions

Nationwide – A great idea for kid-friendly products: interactive and clever activations to rally kids together! Hula-hoops (as pictured above), bounce houses, rock-climbing walls and enthusiastic brand ambassadors are just three easy ways to get kids to have a good time while becoming excited about a product.

Kraft Lunchables is preparing to launch a nationwide summer tour to bring awareness to the new healthy options that the brand is introducing, and Linking Promotions is excited to join them on the road in select cities. The tour will run alongside the Gold Cup soccer games, ending in Pasadena, CA at the Rose Bowl. Linking Promotions will be joining Lunchables in Detroit, Charlotte, Chicago, Kansas City, Miami, Tampa and finally in Pasadena.

Kraft Lunchables is proud to introduce their new healthy options to kids and moms alike. Along with their already successful line of easy-to-make lunches, Lunchables will now be adding mandarin oranges and pineapple slices in 100% juice.

Linking Promotions provided staffing for Lunchables last year, also. Along with Lunchables, Linking Promotions has also staffed for the Boy Scouts of America for their 100th Anniversary Tour last summer. The goal of the tour was to rally people together and spread the enthusiasm of Boy Scouts while “Celebrating the Adventure, Continuing the Journey.” The Boy Scouts of America tour was an exciting experience that Linking Promotions was happy to provide the brand ambassadors for.

Tour season with Lunchables is fast approaching. The tour will kick off Arlington, TX, and Linking Promotion’s brand ambassadors will be joining Lunchables June 6 in Detroit, MI.

Lunchables Hits the Road with Staffing from Linking Promotions

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