Mercedes-Benz Participates in the Crohn’s and Colitis Winter Ball Gala

Mercedes-Benz and Linking Events attended the Crohn’s and Colitis Winter Ball in Houston, TX. Linking Events handled the staffing logistics, providing a promotional model and an event lead for the evening. They were responsible for knowing details of the vehicles on display and collecting leads for a sweepstakes. Linking Events managed the activation by overlooking the Mercedes-Benz display details, providing training for the staff and maintaining the brand’s luxurious reputation. There were three car displays monitored by Linking Events in two prominent locations. Two cars were located by the valet, and a second display was staged in the second floor of the Hilton lobby just outside of the Ballroom of the Americas. The second display, an ML, was auctioned off and sold for $45,000. Guests of the event were given the opportunity to view the vehicles and learn key facts about them.

The Winter Ball is the largest fundraising effort for Crohn’s and Colitis in Houston, and 2012 marks the 25-year anniversary of the event. The Winter Ball celebrates the steps being taken towards a cure for this disease. Crohn’s disease is a chronic disorder that causes inflammation of the digestive tract, most commonly the small intestine and colon. Ulcerative colitis is the other disease that belongs to a group of illnesses called inflammatory bowel disease.

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The Winter Ball 2012 gala also commemorated the ABC-13 Women of Distinction for their volunteer service to the community. The Women of Distinction awards were presented by Mercedes-Benz Dealers of Greater Houston.

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Mercedes-Benz Participates in the Crohn’s and Colitis Winter Ball Gala

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