Seductive New Mercedes-Benz CLA – Introduced during the Super Bowl

This past Sunday, for those fortunate enough to tune in, we witnessed a game for the books. This will be the most talked about Super Bowl for centuries to come and that’s no exaggeration. Sunday February 3, 2013 New Orleans was host to Super Bowl XLVII in their very own Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The well anticipated game had more excitement then anyone could have hoped! With the Ravens winning in the first half it looked to be an easy game. After the power outage in the third quarter the 49ers came back with a bang, scoring 17 points in only a 4 minute stretch. After an exhilarating second half the Ravens took the win with 34-31 score.  Just as surprising as the Super Bowl itself, Mercedes-Benz had a few tricks up their sleeve this year with the commercial introducing the new seductive CLA. Many will await the arrival of the new CLA, starting at $29,900, this September. Mercedes-Benz has always been a generous contributor to the NFL and thus was presented as such during the big game. The biggest touch point was the sky high emblem that was placed in epicenter of the dome.

Contracting Usher, the 7 time Grammy winner and Kate Upton, the 20 year old who was named Rookie of the Year in 2011 of Sport Illustrated was a paramount move! Adding Willem Dafoe was the icing on the star-studded cake. As we all know, with Mercedes-Benz it’s “The best or nothing” and they definitely had one of the best commercials on play this Sunday.

Seductive New Mercedes-Benz CLA – Introduced during the Super Bowl

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