Super Bowl XVLII – Space Babies Sneak Peak

Exactly 72 hours from 6:30 PM Today January 31, 2013 a football will be kicked off at the New Orleans Superdome and an estimated 130 million people will be watching the biggest game in American sports.

The Super Bowl has become somewhat of a national holiday. Family and friends all gather with unimaginable amounts of food and drinks to spare, to cheer on their conference team! Super Bowl XLVII will be presenting the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. With an audience that amounts to be almost half of the population we can only imagine the media and advertisement possibility. A simple 30 second commercial can cost a few billion dollars. Not only is the game talked about for the next couple of months but the commercials have also become just as popular as the game itself. KIA recently released their sneak peak commercial and as we all know, KIA has the power to surprise!

Super Bowl XVLII – Space Babies Sneak Peak

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