TD Bank Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Charlotte, NC – TD Bank has begun a guerrilla marketing campaign in North and South Carolina, and the four-day event in Charlotte, NC has just concluded. A campaign of this nature is effective in reaching many people in multiple areas throughout a major metropolitian city. A team lead and two brand ambassadors were hired to travel together around the city to different supermarkets and highly populated areas, in order to hand out recyclable bags. The three team members spoke to people about the TD Bank branches opening in their area.

This marketing campaign is expanding, and street team activations will be taking place in Florida next weekend.

Consumer responses to the promotion were positive. The children activity books in the bags were a huge success, and because a lot of the chosen activation locations were near supermarkets, the recyclable bags were put to good use. Consumers remarked that they will be switching banks, and that they are excited about the arrival of the branch.

Laila, a field manager for the event, shared some of the consumer remarks and pictures with us. Here’s what some consumers said:
“I’m from New Jersey; I didn’t know TD was coming here!”
“I’m going to tell all my Canadian friends that live here that TD Bank is opening up here!”
“We already have an account there; we opened it yesterday!”

TD Bank Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

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