The 30 Second Commercial is Officially Too Long

Are 30 Seconds Too Long For A Commercial Linking Events I Love Promotions

— 2018 still seems like we’re talking about a distant future, shouldn’t we have flying cars already?

YouTube has since found a way to make what used to be 2 hours of uninterrupted DIY video watching, feel more like couch potato Home & Garden Television (HGTV) watching. This happened once they began to insert good ol’ fashion commercials before you watched said video. Now they have inserted commercials while you’re watching a video of a certain length. With these new ways of monetizing videos, consumers however, are not happy and so begins the teeter between making investors happy and keeping consumers happy.

Yes, Millennials and Gen X-ers can typically tell when they are being sold too and so rarely subscribe to those “Paid content” creators but with the rest of the YouTube watching community, commercials have become cumbersome. To combat this, YouTube has excellently made it easy to skip over commercials over 30 seconds. No one wants to watch them any which way. The 20 second and under commercial category however, this is barley a commercial and we can watch it without feeling like we’ve wasted 30 seconds of our life.

The 20 second commercial may very well later become the new 30 second commercial. And what then YouTube? What then!

Why does this matter to an event marketing company? Well, this means you stopped reading our blog 3 sentences in, this means our in-person interactions also have to change and this means, we need to capture the audiences attention as quickly as we mentioned flying cars in this post.

The 30 Second Commercial is Officially Too Long

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