Throw Back Thursday, To Last Thursday.

Linking Events took on one of the biggest, most exciting tasks of the year. For those of you who followed the journey on Instagram, thank you. For those of you waiting for an update, here is a brief.
The Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run has three installments, the Ft. Lauderdale Race, West Palm Beach Race and the Miami Race; each with a different personality. The Miami Race being the last and largest race hosting about 27, 000 participants plus active guests that did not register to attend but were there to cheer on their teams! Linking Events worked to represent the client on all three races coordinating everything from food, décor, lighting, staff, drinks and many more behind the scenes logistical aspects.  The Linking field team was onsite for all three races to keep all the gears turning smoothly.

Last Thursday, April 23 was the last race of the three in Downtown Miami.  Let’s paint the scene, the sky was grey and rain fell throughout the day flooding parts of the streets and tent area. This however, did not stop Miami from making it one of the most exciting runs yet! The participants did the pre-run warm up in the rain and lined up at the start line without a second thought. Linking took this opportunity to dance in the rain, like a few of our other events, the rain only added to the motivation to make this a most successful event.


Thank you all Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami for participating. See you all again next year!



Throw Back Thursday, To Last Thursday.

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