Redland Ahead Auction

Redland Ahead Auction

Looking for something to do for a good cause? attend a Charity Auction where the proceeds will go to the non-profit 501(c)3 www.redlandahead.org to support the Veterans to Farmers program. The efforts provide training to underserved populations and military veterans to become farmers and explore careers in Agri-business.

What Will Be Auctioned?

People have donated all sorts of items to be auctioned from Antique/vintage to modern furniture and art.

Where will it take Place?

The auction takes place at the historical 1916 Redland Life School which was vacant for many years after hurricane Andrew hit homestead and destroyed everything in its path,  the Farm Life School became unusable. Instead, the “The School Board built a replacement school to the north” and Farm Life School was slated for demolition. The locals rejected this and the nonprofit South Florida Pioneer Museum raised enough money to start repairs. These schools back in the day after the civil war, girls learned cooking, sewing, and homemaking skills and boys learned vocational agriculture classes,” says historian Bob Jensen of the South Florida Pioneer Museum.


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