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Linking Academy is the educational arm of Linking Events. It’s a dedicated platform for employees to gain knowledge, learn best practices, and understand the ethics and codes of conduct. The academy provides resources and training modules to help employees master the art of experiential marketing and event management.

Completing these learning paths will help you:

Who is Linking Academy for?

Linking Academy is tailored for the dedicated individuals at Linking Events who are committed to personal and professional growth in the field of experiential marketing. It serves office staff seeking to enhance their customer service prowess, brand ambassadors looking to uphold the highest ethical standards, and event specialists aiming to execute flawless events. From those delving into the history of Mercedes-Benz to the team members undergoing specialized training for the Kia EV6 or Kia EV9, Linking Academy is for every employee who aspires to excel in their respective roles and contribute to the company’s success in event sponsorships and promotions.

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Learning Path

Dive in to the fundamentals of our events. Our courses cover a wide range of topics, from sponsorships to catering, customer service, and labor setup roles. Whether it’s supporting private events or coordinating marketing efforts, this course equips staff with essential skills.

2 hours, 42 minutes to complete

Dive into the world of automotive marketing! Learn how to engage with attendees, promote brand products and services (including vehicle servicing), and contribute to successful marketing sponsorships and events.

2 hours, 37 minutes to complete

Our automotive marketing courses for Kia Corporate focus on brand engagement, product knowledge, and effective marketing strategies. Staff will gain insights from vehicles knowledge to supporting sponsorships.

5 hours, 52 minutes to complete

As a local family-owned dealership, South Dade Kia emphasizes community connections. Staff will learn about Kia’s brand identity, customer service, and marketing efforts specific to their dealership.

19 minutes to complete

Explore a diverse array of courses at The Pleasant Garden! From weddings and corporate events to fitness/yoga classes, our venue caters to various occasions. Our experienced team ensures unforgettable experiences for all events.

2 hours and 42 minutes to complete

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Frequently Asked Questions

A marketing and experiential event management company, with creative marketing that produces results.

Linking Events has combined the know-how of the staffing industry and merged it to a One Stop Shop model for Marketing and Experiential Event Management.

Providing solutions from concept, design, logistical planning, lead generation, event displays, social media and promotional products while providing professional staffing for activations, corporate and sponsorship events.

Each learning path is secured with a password to ensure exclusive access. Please use the password provided with your course invitation to unlock and begin your educational journey at Linking Academy.

Once you’ve finished a course or learning path, the system automatically notifies the Linking Events staff. However, it’s important that you also communicate your completion to a team member at Linking Events. We encourage you to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired to your role at Linking Events. Reach out to your supervisor for guidance on the next steps.

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