Customer Experience Is Not Dead

Amidst the myriad of changes, that 2020 brought

it derailed business from their current paths to conform with the new reality of “normal”. There were visible rapid shifts in business models, operations, and how to maintain a brand connection. Especially now the use of technology made it possible to keep businesses up and running but with the benefits of fast-paced technology oddly comes a sense of disconnection. It’s a complete juxtaposition but it’s the truth: the customer easily becomes another faceless name that needs assistance or is interested in making a purchase.

The importance of meaningful connections and engaging experiences that delight customers is essentially what resonates and leaves the biggest impact on the consumers.  Creating a unique buyer’s journey that sets your brand apart from the competition is what can turn a potential buyer into a sale.

Human experience and emotional triggers 

Having a great product does not cut it in today’s market without an elevated quality of service to back it up. As complex beings, the human experiences that embed memories and transform perceptions can ultimately have an effect on behaviors. Customer experience can include a lot of elements: cognitive, affective, sensory, and behavioral but it really boils down to the perception the customer has of your brand. It’s about what they associate with or comes to mind when they see your brand. From the memory/interaction, the customer had at activation to linking your business values to their own personal beliefs.

Linking Events 

Looking inward brand interactions will continue to look a little different but businesses understand how crucial it is to stay in connection with their consumers. Here at Linking, we understand the importance of emotional connection and the abilities it has to increment loyalty and increase our results in promoting brands.


See for yourself how we create a brand experience that you’ll be proud to be linked to.

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