Change is the dominant fact of life in every business today. It’s part of the progression, things evolve and change. It is the norm in our world and sadly sometimes it is either sink or swim. We are hit with obstacles that at first, we may not know how to overcome but at the end of the day, it’s about those who learn to use different muscles to master and exploit change-making their business grow.

Today, change is a fact of life in every business. Despite this global crisis, change is a norm in our world and sadly, for some when it presents itself they either sink or swim. In business, this is part of the natural progression as obstacles appear in our path. When we’re hit with these obstacles, at first we may not know how to overcome them, but in time we learn to adapt. Sometimes we’re forced into our lowest lows before we’re able to create the change needed to allow our business to survive. At the end of the day, those who are able to use their skills in times of adversity continue to thrive. So during trying times, we must remember to recognize and work to overcome the obstacles that might be put in our way. 

The Marketing field is competitive, I like to say “you always have to be two steps ahead”

With the current circumstances, businesses without a doubt have taken a hit. Marketing strategies and campaigns have shifted. Those who carry on with tunnel vision are following the wrong path. This is especially important for marketers, we must always be on our toes and following the trends. People’s interests change, forms of communication evolve, and how products and services fit into an economic class are continually rearranged. Remember to keep an open mind for new ideas or your business will become stagnant.


If you can’t do sponsorship events with organizations such as the NFL this year (due to new safety procedures) find alternatives that will still get your product some foot traffic with safety measures taken. People are still having to leave their homes for necessities. The New target locations will be places people are still going to, such as supermarkets, banks, golf courses, and parks. So why not put a product display at the supermarket? Or put the brand new car model exhibit at the park or golf course? It’s time to expand your business’s range of vision because traditional strategies can become obsolete in a blink of an eye.

Events Are Not Dead

While activations are looking a little different these days, they are still very much alive. More than ever, businesses are giving back to the community.  Be the brand that’s stepping up and willing to be an active fighter for its consumers during times of uncertainty. Simple acts can go along way to show your clients what values your company holds. As a company, most of the events are coming from social media platforms. Gyms and dance competitions are having more live video events with special guests taking over their accounts. It’s a way to still create an experience (stay relevant/active) with people even if it’s remote. Engagement events are still rolling too! Whether it’s by hosting a webinar or just creating content and delivering it to your clients. Linking Events is ready to execute, helping your company/brand/organization in any of your community outreach projects!