Business Owners Listen Up!

In a forever changed world, events of the near-future will need to adapt and evolve to continue to deliver unforgettable experiences while giving a sense of safety.

when these events do take place highly-visible changes to attenuate risk, help ensure event attendees’ minds (and imaginations)  are at ease when they can see the precautions taken at hand. What was once a celebration and fundamental to bringing societies together now the idea of mass gatherings of people — “events” — will cause unease in some communities. But like they say “this too, shall pass”

How Linking Events Can Help You! 

Moving Forward Business owners need to earn the trust of their community to step into their stores or events again. Our staff can offer project management visible cleaning actions to give your clients the security of safeness they need. Actions that are feasible to the eye is what is necessary to make the people feel comfortable once again.

(Live experiences/Events)

  • Crowd Control/Event Registration:

Let our well-qualified team take care of the planning and also provide safety monitors. Large waves of people at once should be avoided so instead have your event planned with the different sessions or have someone at the registration tally counter clicker controlling the volume of people at the event at a time.

  • Low-touch Interactions:

While wearing masks and gloves one person can hand deliver or serve the items to the guests eliminating the contact of many people touching the same thing.

  • Health Safety Signage:

We can provide and create branded and personalized signage. It is crucial that event attendees are reminded to frequently wash their hands, use available hand sanitizers, and know best practices for coughing and sneezing.

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations & Giveaways:

Our team can set up and manage sanitation stations at every door enforcing the use. Not to mention we can have mini branded hand sanitizers given out as giveaway swag since the demand for it is so high at the moment.

  •  Virtual participation and experiences:

We can create a backdrop for your virtual event. As well as a digital creation to promote your event. The options are endless!

Estimated TimeLine

  • June 2020: Few events of any shape or size.
  • July 2020: Some smaller, private events will begin to take place as scheduled. Some postponed private events are currently being rescheduled for this time period.
  • October 2020: Many private events are rescheduled for fall. Some smaller professional events may take place in early Q4.
  • November and December 2020: If Covid-19 is able to be kept at bay, many holiday parties and winter celebrations may still take place.
  • March 2021: Major professional and public events and conferences will begin to resume with increasing pace.
  • June 2021: The events industry will near a return to normalcy, with most events taking place unimpeded around the globe.

Timeline from RSVPify https://rsvpify.com/

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